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Mobility Schemes
GERMANY (partner countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France and Spain)
GERMANY (partner countries are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France and Spain)

In order to support the mobility of young people in Europe, the program "Your first EURES job - a means of mobility" targets young Europeans aged 18-35 and small and medium enterprises, which employ them. It is envisaged that 300 young people receive financial support from the German Labor Agency in order to be able to participate in preparatory internships. The financial support includes:
• participation in job interview (up to 500 Euro);
• moving to another European country (up to 940 );
• attending a language course in the home country (up to € 1,270);
• formal recognition of qualification and diplomas (up to € 1,000);
• language course during the traineeship.
The financial assistance program, funded by the European Commission, is implemented through the partnership of several public and private European employment services:
PES – project coordinator
Bundesagentur für Arbeit
National Employment Agency
Croatian Employment Service
Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance
Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Pôle Emploi
SEPE Spanish Public Employment Service
"Your first EURES job" provides financial support to young Europeans (university graduates or not), who are aged 18 - 35, in order to help them find jobs, long-term internship or apprenticeship in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.
Applicants with good German skills, as well as those for whom this is a first job abroad, will have an advantage, although this is not a precondition for participating in the program.
The program promotes mobility in particular sectors with serious shortages - tourism, engineering, and medicine.
If you are a citizen of the European Union, Iceland and Norway and aged 18 to 35:
  • Job vacancies for work in Europe are available on the European EURES portal https://ec.europa.eu/eures/eures-searchengine/page/main?lang=en#/simpleSearch and on the portal of each public employment service. The Bulgarian website on which you can find jobs in the European Union is http://eures.bg/trl.search.asp?id=32. You can also look for job offers in Germany by using the website of the German Employment Agency: http://jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de.
  • Your advisor can help you with your application (CV, cover letter, labor market information, living and working conditions, etc.).
If the employer is interested in your application, you can be financially supported by the program "Your first EURES job".
Scope of the project:
  • Coordinated by the German Employment Agency;
  • Active until 15.09.2018;
  • Focused on preparatory internships;
  • Will fund up to 300 candidates;
  • Will assist young people with offers for internship in Germany, who are consulted by ZAV / EURES Germany.
Project goals:
  • Internships are considered a primary method for finding permanent employment in Germany;
  • Employers who prefer to have time to get to know the candidates are supported; Candidates can also get acquainted with the company and the work process before signing a lengthy labour contract;
  • After the probationary period, the applicant may remain in the enterprise;
  • There is also a German language course during the internship, which will help you improve your language skills;
Requirements for the preparatory internships:
  • Maximum duration of three months with an official contract;
  • The employer must submit a proposal for a permanent job after successful completion of the internship;
  • The work process is studied in practice under the instructions of experienced colleagues;
  • You are provided with a plan for the full length of the internship, will be assisted when looking for accommodation and other logistical issues;
  • Written certificate for successfully completed internship;           
  • Minimum wage for the respective country is guaranteed (€ 8.84 per hour);
If you want to apply for participation in the program, you can contact the ZAV or a EURES consultant in your country.

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