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Mobility Schemes
Your first EURES Job (YfEj 5.0)
Your first EURES Job (YfEj 5.0)

Targeted mobility scheme

What is Your first EURES job 5.0?

Your first EURES job is a European Union job mobility scheme aiming to help young Europeans find a job or work-based training opportunity in another Member State, Norway or Iceland and to help employers find qualified young workers within a larger territory.
Under this scheme, national employment services and the EURES Network provide customised and multi and cross channelling integrated and effective job mobility services, designed to respond to the individual needs of youth facing barriers to employment and job mobility and of employers facing barriers to fill in bottleneck vacancies and/or hiring abroad: information, recruitment, matching, placement and funding. will deliver client-centred,.
The initiative is co-funded by the European Union, and is based on the collaboration among  EURES National Coordination Office and private organizations of nine member states (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom) together with the Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and a large number of associated partners, such as Eurodesk Network, ETUC – European Trade Union Confederation and Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce.
Сoordinator of the project
Type of Organisation
Agenzia Nazionale Politiche Attive del Lavoro
EURES NCO-public
Metropolitan City of Rome Capital
National Agency of Employment
- public
Croatian Employment Service
National Employment agency
The Department of Labour, part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
Instituto do Emprego e Formacao Profissional
Instituto do Emprego e Formacao Profissional
FutureLearn LTD
МООС platform - private
Sapienza Universita di Roma (Uniroma1)
K Milios And Sia Oe (DIAN)
Training organisation - Private
Associated organisations
Associated organisations Country

Regional, provincial and metropolitan labour offices


Bundesagentur fur Arbeit/Zentarle Auslands-und Fachvermittlung(BA/ZAV)


Employment Services


VLC, a labour market Institute, supervised by the Ministry of Family, Labour and social Policy




Universita degli Studi del Molise, Faculty of Communication


European Trade Union Confederation


Unione italiana delle Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture




Who qualifies for support?
EU, Norway and Iceland citizens aged between 18 and 35 and living in any EU country, Norway or Iceland.
All employers legally established in EU countries, Norway or Iceland offering contracts of at least 6 months’ duration (3 for traineeships), provided that pay and conditions comply with national labour law.
What support is available?
For young people
The scheme provides language courses or other forms of training. It also covers travel expenses for young people applying for jobs or work-based training (traineeship), enabling them to attend job interviews and settle in other EU countries to take up employment.
The mobility package includes other support measures for young people, such as supplementary relocation allowance, allowance for trainees and support to recognition of qualification.  
For employers
Companies with up to 250 employees (PMEs) can apply for financial support towards the cost of training newly-recruited workers, trainees or apprentices and helping them settle in.
How can you take part?
In order to participate in Your first EURES job you are required to register on EUJOB4EU platform on http://www.yourfirsteuresjob.eu/login.
In case you are an employer our staff will contact you offering support for the definition of your vacancies and offer recruitment and matching services.
If you are a young jobseeker, you will be contacted whether there is a job/traineeship offer corresponding to your profile.
Contacts and links
Facebook: Your first EURES Job 5.0
Twitter: @yfEURESjob
EC Documents and video
Your first EURES job Guide for jobseekers and employers

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