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View job vacancy: No. 3173
Information about the employer
Name of employer: FruitNL
Contact: All application documents for the pre-selection should be sent only to EURES Bulgaria.
Country: Netherlands
Telephone number:
Web site:
Type of activity:
Commercial registration:
Date of registration:

Job details (422 views)
Position: Sorting and packaging of apples and pears / Сортиране и пакетиране на ябълки и круши
Vacancy description: • Sorting and packaging of fruit in the desired tray, bag, box, crate or other container. The quality requirements are taken into account
• Quality selection of unsorted fruit. Good quality may be sorted, fruit with abnormalities relates to industrial failure
• Keeping the workplace clean
Number of vacancies: 5

Main employee`s duties and responsibilities
Education: Secondary/post–secondary education
Specialization: Agriculture, forestry and fishery
Professional qualification:
Experiences required: Work experience is an advantage, not a requirement. This concerns the sorting / picking of hard fruit (apples and pears).
Language skills: Polish - 4 - Fair
English - 4 - Fair
Romanian - 4 - Fair
Driving license: Yes
Others: Polish, or English or Romanian is required.
The candidate is organized and tidy. The candidate is motivated and is flexible.

Terms and conditions of hiring
Basic month salary: Payment per hour gross € 9,94 at the age of 22 years
Salary payment type: Monthly
Location of working place: Ommeren, The Netherlands
Estimated date of employment:
Type of contract: Contract working period is variable up to 1 year with a view to contract extension.
Working time/ hours per day:
Working hours per week: 42
Shifts and work on days off: Work is from 6.30 am to 5 pm, approximately 42 hours per week. No work on Sundays
Accomodation: The housing is a house with (shared or private) bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, fully furnished. The costs is for Employee €80,- inclusive electricity, gas, water.
Meals: No.
Travel costs to the country: No.
Others: Health insurance is arranged by the Employer, the costs is for Employee €3,02 per day.

How to apply
Documents required by employer: CV
Language of documents to be submitted: English, Dutch or Polish
Where to send documents
required by employer:
Моля, изпращайте Вашите документи като посочвате реф. № 3173 на EURES съветник Мая Генова
Вашите лични данни се обработват от Агенция по заетостта (EURES България), като администратор на лични данни, съгласно действащото национално законодателство. Може да се запознаете с Политиката за поверителност на сайта на АЗ https://www.az.government.bg/pages/politika-za-poveritelnost-i-zashtita-na-lichnite-danni и във всеки наш офис.
E-mail to send documents to: Maya.Genova@az.government.bg
Vacancy is current untill: 31.10.2019 г.
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