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Opportunity to join the EURES network in Bulgaria

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The procedure for joining various organizations to the EURES network in Bulgaria continues to be active. The initiative was launched last year and three organizations have already taken advantage of this opportunity and gained the status of an accredited EURES member or partner.

In this way, the partnership circle is expanded, which provides a rich catalog of EURES services in the field of labor mobility and which participates in the exchange of jobs and profiles of jobseekers.


 The benefits and prospects for potential EURES members are significant. They are related to the fact that:

  • EURES, through its Platform, gives its partners and members access to numerous number of job vacancies and jobseekers’ profiles across the EU/ EEA and the Swiss Confederation;
  • EURES cooperates with a network of experts (EURES advisers) in the field of labour mobility across the EU/ EEA and the Swiss Confederation;
  • EURES provides access to a developed technical infrastructure that includes use of electronic (ICT) tools;
  • EURES provides specialized EURES trainings organized by leading training providers under the guidance of the European Commission;
  • EURES provides access to funded projects related to cross-border cooperation in the field of labour mobility;
  • EURES provides general support and assistance from the National Coordination Office;
  • EURES network creates conditions for a long-term cooperation in regional structures established in cross-border regions between: regional, local or national employment services; social partners and other actors from the Member States.

Detailed information on the application process and the requirements for joining the EURES Network can be found at the National Employment Agency’s website:https://www.az.government.bg/pages/nacionalna -eures network.


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