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Online job fair under the project EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme

readyOn June 30th, an online job fair "Ready to go on 2021 - EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme Edition" will take place under the project EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme.
 The event is aimed at employers and jobseekers in Europe and is organized by the EURES Network in Italy in cooperation with EURES Bulgaria.
 The goal of the event is to help citizens of the European Union, Iceland or Norway to find work, study opportunities or internships in another Member State of the European Community; and employers (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises) to find skilled workers for their business.

Bulgarian employers can register for free, announce their job vacancies, receive applications for them and schedule online interviews within the platform on the day of the event or until July 7.
The online event is open for registration of employers and jobseekers. So far, there are 10 registered Bulgarian companies that have published 72 job offers with 86 job vacancies. The announced job vacancies are in the sphere of outsourcing, IT sector, shipbuilding and other positions in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna or remote jobs from anywhere in Bulgaria.

 You can see more on the event page.

The team of EURES Bulgaria as part of the Employment Agency, which is a partner under the project, will participate in the agenda with a presentation on living and working conditions in Bulgaria by which to attract candidates for work outside our country and will present the positions announced by the participating Bulgarian employers.

The project is financed  through the programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

Date of publishing: 25.06.2021 


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