EU Week for Seasonal Workers begins



National Employment Agency organizes a series of meetings in the country to promote the rights of seasonal workers employed in EU countries next week.

The institution is a leading partner for Bulgaria in the pan-European campaign of the European Labor Authority for seasonal work "Rights for all seasons". These information events aim to pay particular attention to the need to promote fair and safe working conditions for seasonal workers employed in EU countries.

 The Employment Agency and the EURES network in Bulgaria will organize the meetings within the week of action (20.09.2021 - 24.09.2021) according to the following schedule:

The information events will be attended by experts from the General Labour Inspectorate, which is a major partner in the "Rights for All Seasons" campaign. Other governmental and non-governmental organizations that are partners with the Employment Agency in this campaign, such as the National Social Security Institute, the National Revenue Agency and A21 Campaign Foundation, will also participate in the meetings with their representatives. This will expand the scope of information with topics that are of high interest to seasonal workers, such as social security rights, prevention from labour exploitation, taxation, etc. and anyone with questions will be able to talk to a qualified expert.

Within the framework of the EU Week for Seasonal Workers all those interested in seasonal employment will be able to learn important information, not only through on-site meetings, but also online - through a video presentation on the rights of seasonal workers, which is uploaded on the You Tube channel of the Employment Agency:

In addition, all Local Labour Offices in the country will be available for questions and consultations related to seasonal work. The local experts of the Employment Agency will also be able to offer information and additional materials on the topic.

To learn more about living and working conditions in the EU, visit Details of the pan-European campaign of the European Labor Authority can be found here:

Date of publishing: 17th September 2021