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More than 630 people were informed of their rights as seasonal workers

finish week of actionMore than 400 people were informed about their rights as seasonal workers online, and 230 attended the four information meetings for promotion of the rights of seasonal workers employed in EU countries. The events, organized by the Employment Agency in Pernik, Vidin, Svishtov and Gotse Delchev, were held during the EU Week for Seasonal Workers - part of the pan-European campaign of the European Labor Authority for seasonal work "Rights for all seasons".

The purpose of the published online materials and the onsite meetings was to pay particular attention to the need to promote fair and safe working conditions for seasonal workers.

The Employment Agency and the EURES network in Bulgaria organized the information events together with their main partner - the Labor Inspectorate, as well as with representatives of the partners from the National Social Security Institute, the National Revenue Agency and the A21 Campaign Foundation.

All experts were available to the participants present to inform them of their rights as mobile seasonal workers from the point of view of the relevant competent institution and to answer concrete questions. The most frequently commented topics were the transfer of social security rights of our fellow citizens working abroad, as well as the recognition / restoration of their health insurance.

The visitors of the events were also interested in the ways of looking for a job in the EU, the offered job vacancies and the conditions for their employment. Specific cases were discussed related to retirement after work in another European country, security of job offers on the Internet, legitimacy of companies that have announced recruitment for countries in the EU, lawfulness of a signed employment contract, etc.

More than half of the participants at the meeting said in a special survey they want to continue working as mobile seasonal workers in European countries such as Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Most of them shared that they use the official information spaces on the topic, such as the websites of the Employment Agency and eures.bg, but 15% of them stated that they are still informed about seasonal work through acquaintances and relatives. 95% of the participants in the information events found their meetings with the various experts useful.

Apart from the EU Week for Seasonal Workers, all those interested will be able to continue to find out about the topic of seasonal employment online - through a video presentation on the rights of seasonal workers, which is uploaded on the You Tube channel of the Employment Agency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55-br-KXLEc&t=4s . More interesting materials of our partner organizations can be found there.

Information is also regularly published on the Facebook page of the campaign "Rights for all seasons" https://www.facebook.com/BGRights4AllSeasons. There is also a new, expanded, "Guide to Declared Seasonal Work" https://www.facebook.com/BGRights4AllSeasons/posts/261782525949655 . Follow the latest on the topic on the Facebook page of the Employment Agency https://www.facebook.com/EmploymentAgencyBulgaria.

Useful information about the labor rights and obligations of mobile workers is also published on the website of the Labor Inspectorate https://www.gli.government.bg/bg/node/11419 .

To learn more about living and working conditions in different EU countries, visit www.eures.bg. Details of the European Labor Authority's pan-European campaign can be found here: https://www.ela.europa.eu/campaigns/rights-for-all-seasons .

All Local Labor Offices in the country will continue to be available for questions and consultations related to current information on seasonal work.

Published on 30th September 2021


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