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Bilateral activities between EURES Bulgaria and other countries in 2022

A number of bilateral online meetings were held between the teams of the EURES National Coordination Offices in Bulgaria and other countries from the EURES Network. The aim of the meetings was to plan joint actions in the scope of the so called “programming cycle” – planning of activities for 2022 that meet the needs of both sides.2401

                Different topics were discussed such as exchange of job vacancies, services to jobseekers and dissemination of informational materials for living and working conditions in Estonia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

                A main tool for advertising job vacancies from other EU countries In Bulgaria is the national EURES website in the section Job Vacancies. Main source of information for the different countries in Bulgarian language is the section “Living and working conditions” in which there is an article with useful information about each country. It is advisable that anyone planning to work abroad should inform himself/herself well in advance for the living and working conditions.

                Different countries use different websites and forms for publishing job vacancies. For details, Bulgarian employers interested to hire staff from other countries can contact EURES NCO in Bulgaria at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                During the meeting with Estonia was presented the need for CNC operators, factory workers and other staff at the Estonian labor market. Bulgarian employers can publish vacancies in Estonia through a template, which can be sent to the Estonian Public Employment Service for publication through the mediation of EURES Bulgaria.

                During the meeting with Belgium, Flanders (http://www.vdab.be/) a forthcoming online job fair organized by EURES Flanders was discussed. The event will take place on 10th March 2022 via the platform European Job Days  with the name Work in Flanders - Joint Industry. The online event will focus on jobseekers interested to work in Flanders in the sectors of industry and construction, at positions as industrial electromechanics, industrial electricians, industrial maintenance technicians, industrial automation technicians, construction engineers, construction managers, civil drafters and others.  Up-to-date information about the announced job offers can be found at the page of the event. Information about living and working conditions in Flanders is available at https://workinflanders.be/

                During the meeting with Finland, was discussed the need for workers in the hotel and restaurant industry, the metal industry (such as CNC operators), construction, car production and seasonal work at the labour market there. EURES Finland is planning 4 major online events. The first of them has already been announced on the European Job Days platform on 16.02.2022 with the name Finland works, followed by an online event on 03.03.2022 with the name Finland works - West Coast Finland.

                 Bulgarian employers can publish job vacancies in Finland using a template, which can be sent to their national website https://www.te-palvelut.fi/ through the mediation of EURES Bulgaria.

                During the meeting with Germany a field for cooperation was discussed linked to the need of drivers, parcel deliverers, employees in HoGa, meat industry, agriculture, ICT at the German labour market. At the present moment there is published information about a joint project for dual vocational training in Germany in the hotel and catering sector or as butchers.

              Bulgarian employers or private employment agencies can look for staff in Germany via the German national portal Jobbörse. Employers from Bulgaria must register and agree the conditions first, then job vacancies can be uploaded by the employer himself.

The opportunities that the German portal offers for employers are to:

  • Enter and update vacancies according to their requirements;
  • Publish vacancies online free of charge;
  • Cross-link vacancies on partner databases;
  • Access to extensive candidate pool;
  • Innovative matching procedures;
  • Complete e-recruiting procedures by means of integrated candidate profile management.

              Bulgarian employers can receive a manual for employers on how to use the German portal Jobbörse in English language by contacting EURES NCO Bulgaria at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If Bulgarian employers need assistance about the use of the German portal, they can contact EURES Germany at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                During the meeting with Sweden, the possibility of publishing jobs for Sweden on the website www.eures.bg was discussed. EURES Sweden is planning a special event for recruitment in 2022 in the field of hotels and restaurants. At the moment, an event called "Chefs for Sweden" is open on the European Job Days platform on March 16, 2022.

                In case of interest to work in Sweden, useful information can be found in the informational videos about Sweden in English about:

             Bulgarian employers can recruit staff in Sweden through a template, which with the mediation of EURES Bulgaria can be sent for publication at the Swedish Job Bank, from where the job vacancies are automatically transferred to the EURES Job Mobility Portal.

             During the meeting with Italy, the possibility of exchanging job vacancies was discussed. Bulgarian employers can, through EURES Bulgaria, send jobs to EURES Italy if they wish to recruit staff from there.

             During the meeting with Spain, the Spanish participants presented the website of EURES Spain. The possibility of exchanging jobs was discussed. Offers from Bulgarian employers can be sent to a specific e-mail to the EURES Spain team through EURES Bulgaria and published on their EURES website. The possibility of holding informational sessions on living and working conditions for Bulgarian workers wishing to work in Spain and Spanish workers with interest in working in Bulgaria in the first half of 2022 was discussed.

Date of publishing: 24th January 2022


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