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An online meeting on "Living and working conditions in Bulgaria" will be held on 12th April  at 11 am Bulgarian time, organized by the Employment Agency through EURES Bulgaria in cooperation with EURES Spain. Useful information will be presented for Spanish citizens who are interested in working in our country, as well as for Bulgarians living in Spain who want to return home.

Two online meetings on "Living and working conditions", organized by the Employment Agency through EURES Bulgaria in cooperation with EURES Spain, are forthcoming in April. During the meetings, general information will be provided about each country, the labor market in it, where people can look for work, working conditions and living conditions.

A number of bilateral online meetings were held between the teams of the EURES National Coordination Offices in Bulgaria and other countries from the EURES Network. The aim of the meetings was to plan joint actions in the scope of the so called “programming cycle” – planning of activities for 2022 that meet the needs of both sides.2401

                Different topics were discussed such as exchange of job vacancies, services to jobseekers and dissemination of informational materials for living and working conditions in Estonia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

                A main tool for advertising job vacancies from other EU countries In Bulgaria is the national EURES website in the section Job Vacancies. Main source of information for the different countries in Bulgarian language is the section “Living and working conditions” in which there is an article with useful information about each country. It is advisable that anyone planning to work abroad should inform himself/herself well in advance for the living and working conditions.

After working from our kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to the office may seem daunting. Read our top 5 tips for a smooth transition back to the workplace.

1. Allow time to adjustanastasiia chepinska eGjHhmC 3ww unsplash Copy

If your employer allows it, try to gradually re-introduce yourself back to your normal place of work. Initially, visiting the workplace a few days a week and working from home on other days will help to give you time to adjust to the differences between the working environments. For many people, returning to the workplace will be a huge change, with more people, noise and travel time, and going back full-time may take some getting used to.

You can be part of the Dual Vocational Training Project of EURES Bulgaria and the German Federal Employment Agency. Our partners are dedicated companies in attractive regions of Germany, who are looking for motivated apprentices from Bulgaria for following qualifications:

  • Chefs / Cooks
  • Restaurant and Hotel Specialists
  • System Catering Experts
  • Butchers
  • Specialized Food Sales Assistant for Butcher Shops

Although we are living in a digital age, many job openings are still not advertised publicly. Instead, they are filled through referrals and professional networking. In this article, we will share some tips on how to be an effective online networker.article111

Polish your online presence

Before you get started, make sure you update your profiles on the networking platforms that you are using. Upload a professional profile photo, write a compelling headline, job description and summary, and list your relevant achievements, experience and skills. When you are building your profile, try seeing it through the eyes of a potential employer. A long profile does not always mean a good one. Keep your information short and concise. A well-thought-out profile can be more powerful than you think.

In addition, do not forget to review your other social media channels. Potential employers and recruiters often look up candidates on social media, so it might be wise to delete any controversial posts and check your privacy settings. Search your name online to make sure you have not missed anything.


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