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An online European Job Day will be held on 15th November at 11:00 am Bulgarian time - EURES Italy for Employers‘ day 2022, organized by EURES Italy in cooperation with the EURES network and with the participation of EURES Bulgaria.

An opportunity will be provided for jobseekers to find job vacancies through „European Job Days” platform  and for employers – to announce them through the EURES network.

The participation of EURES Bulgaria allows publication of job offers of Bulgarian companies, through a "virtual stand".

The event is international and employers can, through the EURES Bulgaria’s stand, publish advertisements for any type of positions for which they would hire foreigners. The sectors and positions in focus are ICT, tourism, environment, mechanics/mechatronics, construction and many others. The main organizer is EURES Italy and job offers with an Italian language requirement will be particularly suitable.

The event will be held in English, completely online and is completely free of charge for employers and participants.

If interested in participating with job offers, Bulgarian companies can contact the EURES National Coordination Office at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

snimkataModern working life involves coping with lots of potential distractions. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to get anything done. In this article, we’ll share some of our tips to help you stay focused and be more productive at work.

Organise and declutter your workspace

Take a couple of minutes every day to organise and declutter your workspace. Having a clean, clutter-free area where you can easily access everything you need will decrease your stress levels and help you to produce better results.

An online meeting on "Living and working conditions in Bulgaria" will be held on 12th April  at 11 am Bulgarian time, organized by the Employment Agency through EURES Bulgaria in cooperation with EURES Spain. Useful information will be presented for Spanish citizens who are interested in working in our country, as well as for Bulgarians living in Spain who want to return home.


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