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HitraMat AS is the Norway's leading and Europe's largest player in the processing of brown crab. The company has a long and proud history dating back to the 1930s. The company employs up to 150 employees in high season. HitraMat is a part of Insula, a Nordic group with the goal of becoming the Nordic region's leading player in seafood. HitraMat is located at Hitra Fiskerihavn - the largest catching area for brown crab in Norway, with good environmental benefits such as clean air and clean seawater.  Each year, up to 4,500 tonnes are processed at the Kuøya production plant, which accounts for approximately 65% ​​of all bag crab land in Norway. HitraMat AS also sells locally harvested scallops and crayfish of prime quality.

Contact Name: Anne Grete Dahlen
Contact Phone: -
Contact Email: Anne.Grete.Dahlen@nav.no
Category : Other Production
Since : 2020-07-02
Company Size:
Registration Date: 2020-07-02
Employer type: Real Employer
Country: Norway


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