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Global Work via EURES Finland

We help companies to find a suitable solution to their unique personnel needs.The economic cycle and its´ effects on the company are always taken into account.

On our website companies can easily find our contacts, information about us and our services, leave a contact requests or an invitations to tender.

We offer employees various ways to get employed and always take into account employee’s current life situation. 

* Global work is registered under the name Lappeenrannan Henkilöstöpalvelut Ltd.




Лице за контакт: Sami Hänninen
Телефон за връзка: +358400835470
Имейл за връзка: sami.hanninen@globalwork.fi
Категория : Друго производство
Дата на създаване : 1970-01-01
Размер на компанията:
Дата на регистрация: 2020-10-15
ЕИК/UIC: 2068943-1
Държава: Финландия
Град/Населено място/City: 
Пощенски код:


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