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Van Asseldonk Mushrooms via EURES The Netherlands

R.v.A. Mushrooms B.V. is a mushroom farm where mainly white mushrooms (fine, medium and giant) are grown for the fresh market in Europe. Good working conditions, safe and healthy working are very important in mushroom cultivation. We think it is very important that employee can work well and safely and a good working atmosphere and pleasure in the work has priority. Delivering the highest possible quality is very importance, but also integrity, good management, internal control. Our company has certificates: Fair produce, global Gap.

The job vacancies are published under an agreement between EURES The Netherlands and the organization LTO Arbeidskracht BV in Den Bosch with Chamber of commerce number 09173521.

Contact Name: Van Asseldonk Mushrooms bv
Contact Phone: .
Contact Email: Maya.Genova@az.government.bg
Category : Agriculture and Forestry
Since : 2021-09-14
Company Size:
Registration Date: 2021-09-14
ЕИК/UIC: see the description above
Country: Netherlands
Град/Населено място/City: Veghel


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