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Информация за работодателя
Agencija Migral

We are Agencija Migral d.o.o., recruitment agency, which performs the activity of providing work to the user.
It is known, that for a while there has been a shortage of staff in Slovenian market, mostly in catering and tourism and also in other businesses, so we decided to help reduce the needs of staff in all sectors of the economy.
We are registered in the Register of domestic legal entities and individuals to perform the activity of providing work to the user at the Ministry of Labour Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, under the number: 11002-9 / 2022/10.
We have been active for 10 years in the industry that is a supporting branch of tourism, with our other company Migral d.o.o., that is where we learned about the system and the needs of tourism very well.
Every year we employ both domestic and foreign employees, from all the republics of the former Yugoslavia and this year we expanded the search throughout Europe, with the help of the Employment Service and EURES. Because of this, our databases of candidates offer a wide selection of employees, who can perform various jobs in almost all areas.
Our clients are currently private owners of tourist accommodations and larger hotels along the entire coastal region and the surrounding area. We want to expand our operations and offer our employees through all Slovenia.
In all the years of our work, we have recognized the needs of employers, as well as needs of the employees, so our candidates are always properly selected and prepared for a certain job, and users are very satisfied with them.
If you think that we could help you, you can contact us and together we will certainly find suitable solution and appropriate candidates for you.

For the purpose of good cooperation and compliance with the legislation in the field of economy and labour law, we also employ a lawyer, who takes care of all legal support for us and our clients.
In hope that you have recognized our company as a suitable partner for cooperation, we hope that you contact us as soon as possible, so that we can start working for you!

Лице за контакт: Lana Skubin
Телефон за връзка: 0038651302404
Имейл за връзка: kadrovskaagencijamigraldoo@gmail.com
Категория : Човешки ресурси
Дата на създаване : 2022-03-14
Размер на компанията:
Дата на регистрация: 2022-03-14
ЕИК/UIC: SI36144584
Държава: Словения
Град/Населено място/City: Koper
Пощенски код: 6000


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