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ZAV IPS Bayern

The International Placement Service Bavaria as a department within the network of the German National Employment Agency is responsible for the immigration of foreign professionals to Germany. Thereby its main task is the consultation of both, employers and employees, regarding topics like opportunities and conditions an employment from a foreign country creates, application procedures, the recognition of qualifications acquired abroad, the access to the German labour market or regions with increased interest in recruiting foreign professionals.

Лице за контакт: Marian Dünkler
Телефон за връзка: +49-911-529-4420
Имейл за връзка: ZAV-IPS-Bayern@arbeitsagentur.de
Категория : Компютри и ИТ
Дата на създаване : 1970-01-01
Размер на компанията:
Пощенски код:
Дата на регистрация: 2020-04-08
Вид работодател: Посредник
Държава: Германия


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