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Информация за работа
Държава: Холандия
Град/Населено място/City: Beek
Категории на работа: Архитектура и строителство
Диапазон заплата: € 500 - 600 на седмица
Размер на работна заплата (бруто/нето)/Salary: 
Шофьорска книжка/Driving license: да/yes
Езикови умения: English, German or Dutch.
Ниво на владеене: B1 независимо (поддържащо ниво)
Вид заетост: Пълна заетост
Тип заетост: Постоянна/Permanent
Период при срочна заетост/Period: 
Работно време/Working time: 8 working hours
Работни часове на седмица/Hours per week: 
Работа на смени и почивни дни/Shifts and days off: 
Заплащане (седмично, месечно)/Way of payment: 
Адрес на месторабота/Location of working place: Beek
Начална дата за започване: 
Настаняване от работодателя/Accommodation: 
Условия на настаняването/Details on accommodation: All accommodation in the Netherlands is provided with an SNF certificate, which guarantees you that your housing will meet a minimum set of standards and that it will be inspected at least once a year. Accommodation with a single room. There is also a cooking room, a common room, where utensils and appliances are provided.
Изхранване от работодателя/Meals from employer: не/no
Условия на изхранването/Details about meals: 
Пътни разходи до страната/Travel expences : не се поемат от работодателя/no
Информация-пътни разходи/Info on travel expences: 
Друга информация/Other information: Covid measures - https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/tackling-new-coronavirus-in-the-netherlands/coronavirus-measures-in-brief
Публикувано: 2022-06-17
Минимално образование : Не е необходимо
Минимален опит: 1-2 години
Брой свободни места: 4
Дата на публикуване: 2022-06-17
Край на публикуване: 2022-07-17


  • The starting salary is €550 net for 40 hours per week.;
  • If all goes well, the employee has experience and all the tools, after three months the salary will be increased to €575. Every three months there will be an evaluation to determine possible salary increases.
  • Weekly payment of salary;
  • The company pays for the insurance and accommodation. The company provides accommodation with a private room for you.;
  • The company provides bed linens, but you can bring your own bed linens.;
  • Mileage allowance for commuting to and from work - in the Netherlands, an additional allowance (0,19€ each km) is given for transport only if the kilometers are more than 10 in the single drive;
  • The job offer is valid for Bulgarian, Ukrainian citizens and others.


The company is looking for people who have experience with bricklaying in the Netherlands. This mainly concerns new construction projects. Both large and small projects. Are you an experienced bricklayer and do you know exactly what is expected from you? Then you can work for a very long time!

Предпочитани умения
  • At least 1 year of experience as a bricklayer in the Netherlands;
  • Experience with the “clinker” stone;
  • In possession of the basic hand tools;
  • Driving licence and car is a plus;
  • You need to bring work tools (please see the checklist with the tools from the image below) and work clothes + shoes + helmets with you;


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