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Информация за работа
Dental Technician
Klinisk Tannteknikk AS 33 дни преди
Държава: Норвегия
Град/Населено място/City: Sortland
Категории на работа: Друго производство
Диапазон заплата: € 3200 - 3600 Месечно
Размер на работна заплата (бруто/нето)/Salary: 
Шофьорска книжка/Driving license: не/no
Езикови умения: You have to speek and be able to understand English or Norwegian
Ниво на владеене: 
Вид заетост: Пълна заетост
Тип заетост: Постоянна/Permanent
Период при срочна заетост/Period: 
Работно време/Working time: 08.00-16.00
Работни часове на седмица/Hours per week: 37,5
Работа на смени и почивни дни/Shifts and days off: No work on Saturday and Sunday
Заплащане (седмично, месечно)/Way of payment: 
Адрес на месторабота/Location of working place: Sortland
Начална дата за започване: 
Настаняване от работодателя/Accommodation: не/no
Условия на настаняването/Details on accommodation: 
Изхранване от работодателя/Meals from employer: не/no
Условия на изхранването/Details about meals: 
Пътни разходи до страната/Travel expences : не се поемат от работодателя/no
Информация-пътни разходи/Info on travel expences: 
Друга информация/Other information: 
Публикувано: 2022-07-06
Минимално образование : Бакалавър или колеж
Минимален опит: 1-2 години
Брой свободни места: 2
Дата на публикуване: 2022-07-06
Край на публикуване: 2022-08-08

Klinisk Tannteknikk AS is looking to hire a dental technician to work with dentures. 

The laboratory is located in Sortland, Norway, and we are 7 technicians in our team. One is a clinical dental technician that treat patients that need dentures. This vacant job will offer the opportunity to be involved in this process and have a chance to see the patients with the finished dentures. We also make prosthetics for the dentists. The job includes making all types of prosthetics from start till end, like full dentures, partials, spoon dentures, splints etc. It also involves doing reliners and repairs.

It is a rapid and exiting digital development in the field. We have produced digital dentures for over two years. If you are interested in digital dentures you will get a chance to be involved in this at our labor. Still, you do not need to be interested in digital dentures for this job. We do a lot of the production the traditional way as well.

At the labor we have scanners, a milling machine and printer. We manufacture fixed prosthetics and implants solutions as well as dentures.

In addition to modern equipment and a good working environment, we can offer beautiful scenery, adventurous fishing, the beautiful Midnight Sun and the majestic Northern Lights here in the north of Norway.

For further information you can contact Øyvind at tel +47 916 89676


Dental Technician education is an advantage, but candidates with only experience will also be considered. Experience is an advantage, but if you have the education then experience is not a requirement

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