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Информация за работа
Harvesting, sorting and packing flowers
Държава: Холандия
Град/Населено място/City: Angeren
Категории на работа: Земеделие и гори
Диапазон заплата: € 400 - 500 на седмица
Размер на работна заплата (бруто/нето)/Salary: Salary: The salary is according to the Dutch (CAO), payment per hour gross (21 years old or more) Gross salary per hour: € 10,67
Шофьорска книжка/Driving license: не/no
Езикови умения: English languages is a plus.
Ниво на владеене: 
Вид заетост: Пълна заетост
Тип заетост: Срочна/Fixed-term
Период при срочна заетост/Period: Contract start date: 01-09-2021 Contract end date: 28-02-2022 Contract length: Employment contract for the duration of the season
Работно време/Working time: Hours per week: 40 Number of working days per week: 5
Работни часове на седмица/Hours per week: 40
Работа на смени и почивни дни/Shifts and days off: 
Заплащане (седмично, месечно)/Way of payment: 
Адрес на месторабота/Location of working place: Angeren
Начална дата за започване: 2022-09-01
Настаняване от работодателя/Accommodation: да/yes
Условия на настаняването/Details on accommodation: Accommodation: • Employer organizes housing for employees • The housing is an apartment located on the premises of the company, it is fully furnished Accommodation costs per week: € 50,- Number of people sharing 1 bedroom: 2 Accommodation facilities: • Shared kitchen • Shared shower and toilets • Social areas availablec • Double rooms are available • Internet available • Accommodation is fully furnished • Washing machine • Dryer • Freezer • Fridge • TV • Bicycle
Изхранване от работодателя/Meals from employer: не/no
Условия на изхранването/Details about meals: 
Пътни разходи до страната/Travel expences : не се поемат от работодателя/no
Информация-пътни разходи/Info on travel expences: Information: • No travel time to the workplace • The Employer offers the possibility to borrow a bicycle to the employee
Друга информация/Other information: Dutch measures against COVID-19: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/tackling-new-coronavirus-in-the-netherlands Information on Covid-19 also at https://www.stigas.nl/ The health insurance is arranged by the employer at HollandZorg, the cost per week is € 27,65 Apply in English. Кандидатствайте на английски език.
Публикувано: 2022-07-19
Минимално образование : Не е необходимо
Минимален опит:
Брой свободни места: 8
Дата на публикуване: 2022-07-19
Край на публикуване: 2022-08-18


  • Harvesting flowers in the greenhouse
  • Sorting flowers
  • Harvesting trolleys are used, so you don't have to heavy lift


  • Candidate has to be motivated to deliver good work
  • Being able to work well in a team
  • Good work ethic
  • Honesty
  • Nice personality
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