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Информация за работа
Picking strawberries in the open field / Бране на ягоди на полето
Държава: Холандия
Град/Населено място/City: Rucphen
Категории на работа: Земеделие и гори
Диапазон заплата: € 400 - 500 на седмица
Размер на работна заплата (бруто/нето)/Salary: € 10,34 гross salary per hour. The salary is according to minimum wages in the Netherlands, payment per hour gross (21 years old or more).
Шофьорска книжка/Driving license: 
Езикови умения: English or Polish
Ниво на владеене: 
Вид заетост: Пълна заетост
Тип заетост: Срочна
Период при срочна заетост/Period: 
Работно време/Working time: 6 working days per week
Работни часове на седмица/Hours per week: 45 hours per week
Работа на смени и почивни дни/Shifts and days off: 
Заплащане (седмично, месечно)/Way of payment: 
Адрес на месторабота/Location of working place: Rucphen
Начална дата за започване: 2021-07-05
Настаняване от работодателя/Accommodation: да/yes
Условия на настаняването/Details on accommodation: Accommodation: Employer organizes housing for employees. The housing is at the living unit located at the farm and fully furnished. Accommodation costs per week: € 10,- Number of people sharing 1 bedroom: 2. Accommodation facilities: Shared kitchen • Shared shower and toilets • Social areas availablec • Internet available • Washing machine • Freezer • Fridge
Изхранване от работодателя/Meals from employer: не/no
Условия на изхранването/Details about meals: 
Пътни разходи до страната/Travel expences : не се поемат от работодателя/no
Информация-пътни разходи/Info on travel expences: 
Друга информация/Other information: Dutch measures against COVID-19: https://www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/tackling-new-coronavirus-in-the-netherlands Information on Covid-19 also at https://www.stigas.nl/
Публикувано: 2021-07-05
Минимално образование : Не е необходимо
Минимален опит: Без опит
Брой свободни места: 3
Дата на публикуване: 2021-07-05
Край на публикуване: 2021-09-01


Pick strawberries in the field

Work is on the knees


Good motivation and willingness to deliver good work is required

Work experience with this work is not required

Work experience in agricultural sector is preferred

Being able to work well in a team

In connection with the work, the candidate must be in good physical condition

Willing to work in varying weather conditions

Like to work outside


Nice personality

Language skills:

One of the languages below is required

For a group of people coming to work together, One of the languages below is only required for one person




  • Sunday is a day off
  • Work on Sundays depending on the weather conditions and the needs of the crop
  • No travel time to the workplace
  • The employee must bring his own work clothing


  • Contract start date:01-07-2021
  • Contract end date:31-08-2021
  • Contract length: Employment contract for the duration of the season
  • Health insurance costs: € 25

Apply in English.

Кандидатствайте на английски език.

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