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Job Information
Production worker/Производствен работник
Country: Norway
Job Category: Other Production
Job Salary Range: лв 1300 - 1100 Per week
Размер на работна заплата (бруто/нето)/Salary: 183,70 NOK per hour and in addition extra pay for night shifts
Шофьорска книжка/Driving license: да/yes
Language skills: Английски език
Level: B1 независимо (поддържащо ниво)
Job Type: Full-Time
Employment type: Срочна
Период при срочна заетост/Period: July-November 2020
Работно време/Working time: Full time
Работни часове на седмица/Hours per week: 40
Работа на смени и почивни дни/Shifts and days off: Daytime
Заплащане (седмично, месечно)/Way of payment: Месечно
Адрес на месторабота/Location of working place: Knarrlagsundveien 325, 7241 Ansnes
Начална дата за започване: 2020-07-02
Настаняване от работодателя/Accommodation: да/yes
Условия на настаняването/Details on accommodation: Hitramat AS can help with accommodation: It costs 3200 NOK per month. We offer different apartment and houses. Workers share living room, bathroom and kitchen and should follow HitraMat renting rules and cleaning routines . Usually single rooms. All necessary equipment is available in the apartments but workers need to bring with them bed linen, duvet, pillow and towels. HitraMat has a contract with Hitrahallen in Fillan (centrum of Hitra) so all employees can use the swimming pool with sauna and fitness room for free.
Изхранване от работодателя/Meals from employer: да/yes
Условия на изхранването/Details about meals: Canteen is mandatory for all employees and costs 47 NOK per day (deduction of salary). It provides up to 3 meals per day. The real cost is significantly higher and it is subsidized by the employer. There is a PC with internet access in the canteen.
Пътни разходи до страната/Travel expences : не се поемат от работодателя/no
Информация-пътни разходи/Info on travel expences: 
Друга информация/Other information: The employer follows the recommendations of Norwegian government and tries to maintain 1 meter distance. Where it is not possible, as in the production area, it is mandatory to use mask or mouth binding. We have very strict rules for hygiene and safety at the work place and also in the living places. The number of workers in high season in August is approximately 185.
Posted: 2020-07-02
Minimum Education: No School
Degree Title:
Minimum Experience: 1-2 years
Job Status
No of Jobs: 30
Start Publishing: 2020-07-02
Stop Publishing: 2020-07-30

Hitramat As seeks production workers for seasonal work from July to November 2020. If you have relevant background with work in food production, you are in good health and have the will to work hard to reach common goals - you are the suitable candidate for the position.                                                           


 • Perform various tasks at the different lines in crab production, according to work instructions

• Follow guidelines within health, environment and safety (HSE)

• Act as a positive representative of the company

• Contribute to optimal results for the company

• Contribute to a good team collaboration

We offer:
Good, inclusive and international working environment;
All employees participate in the company's training program;



Prefered Skills

Forklift driving license, good English knowlegde skills. Speaking Norwegian languague is an advantage.

It is recommended that you have access to your own car during your stay, because not all of the apartments are in walking distance to the workplace.

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